3 Best Portable Massage Chairs on the Market

Picking the perfect portable massage chair is a daunting task almost similar to choosing a good wife. You will have to confront several frogs before finding the perfect one, but in your case we got you covered. Several factors should come in mind if you need an ideal massage chair. They include  massage chair compare reviews

Face cradle

The concept of having a face cradle is to ensure clients get comfortable while in session. As a massage therapist, you want your client to be relaxed and comfortable while viewing the other side. A quality massage chair requires that your face cradle should be padded excellently to allow your client to feel relaxed while minimizing irritation.


Most massage chairs don’t usually put clients in a natural sleeping position; this is why you need plenty of padding. Padding increases comfort. Premium massage chairs come with a new feature – a memory foam technology that is coupled with padding, thus improving comfort and durability.


A good portable massage chair should be lightweight – 20 pounds and below. Why? A lightweight chair allows you to maneuver it in any direction. Additionally, you should also consider how portable it is. For instance, if you need to visit a different client in a new town, you need a chair that can fit easily in their carrying case and also easy to set up.

Arm& leg rests

It is always annoying when you are having a massage and can’t find a place to rest your arms or legs. A good massage chair comes with armrests that are usually placed in front of the face cradle. Also, you would want your client to have enough leg room to allow him/her feel comfortable during your massage session.

Base construction

The material used to construct your chair’s base is also important. The most common types are wood and aluminum. It is not a secret that most massage therapists consider wood to have stealth finish but aluminum is an excellent choice if you move a lot.

Here are the top 3 best massage chairs in the market.

Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

The master massage professional massage chair stands out from the crowd because it is light and durable, hence a plus to massage therapist who moves frequently. It is made of aluminum and can support individuals who weigh up to 1000 pounds. It also comes with a new feature; the small cell foam system that helps in padding. Lastly, the massage chair also comes with a pouch that clients can store their valuables while in session.

Stronglite Ergo-Pro

Considered one of the most revolutionary massage chairs in the market, The Stronglite Ergo Pro was as a result of assistance from hundreds of Massage therapist. The chair comes with a bag that prevents damage and also a face cushion for comfort. It also boasts having a customized platform that makes it easy to transport. Weighing at 19 pounds, moving this massage chair won’t be a hassle. It is also noteworthy that it also comes with round pads that improve comfort.

Premium BestMassage Portable Massage Chair

The compact and lightweight nature of Premium bestmassage chair makes it stand out from other massage chairs in the market. It can hold weights of up to 700 pounds while static and 300 pounds while working. It also boasts having its upholstery made of polyurethane which maintains its clean nature.