An Online Voting Tool Can Increase Voter Satisfaction

We live in a society of instant gratification, and we have access to numerous technological advances to fulfill those needs. From political polling to reality voting and company surveys, the use of an online voting tool and phone or tablet apps allows an organization to receive immediate feedback or information on a topic or issue. Recent years have given rise to numerous reality televisions series which rely heavily on the input of the viewing audience in order to select winners and losers. Since it seems that most individuals have access to the internet through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, it seems more efficient for a national move toward online voting in various sectors across the country. There are many advantages to voting online, which will be presented this information.

online voting toolFirst of all, the ability to vote online will allow for greater participation and possibly a more accurate reflection of public opinion. Although the presidential election results are based on electoral votes gained for a candidate, the popular vote is weighted into that submission. Should only a small majority of a location physically attend the polls and cast a ballot, there will be a false indication of who the majority actually supported. The same is true for a show on television which selects a winner based on the idea that they will appeal to the masses. Inaccurate results or assumptions could result in policy changes, business practices, or political leaders who will not truly understand the needs of the people they serve.

For the busy professional with a rigorous schedule, the option to cast an electronic vote might be more attractive and accommodating to their scheduling needs. The thought that “I am too busy” can plague even the most devoted of fans or patriots, and online software makes the process more compatible with their bustling routines or schedules. An organization may schedule a certain time or date to place a vote, yet it is impractical for it to be scheduled around the needs of each individual that is employed. Vacations, illness, and work travel might interfere with such limited voting options, and it is not fair to penalize those who may take an interest in casting a ballot, yet physically can’t attend the scheduled date. Online voting allows individuals to feel still connected when circumstances keep them being present.